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Button Beats - Un peu de musique pour démarrer la semaine ?

Publié par Philippe le Lundi 9 Mars 2009

J'ai découvert Button Beats via une pub sur un site américain, une pub sur laquelle le clavier était actif, donc on pouvait jouer du piano :)

Et voilà, en fait on peut tous en mettre un sur nos sites, il y a plusieurs choix de Widget comme un violon si vous voulez :)

Allez bonne semaine à toutes et tous.


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1.Posté par Julie Navarro le 09/03/2009 13:16
Widget'ment vôtre... Sympathique comme tout.

2.Posté par How To Play Music le 18/05/2011 18:13
Making music is a very exciting job, but sometimes we can be frustrated if we have a music that appeared difficult to master.
Is it really hard to play music? The answer is no.
Regardless of the instrument in use, there are always secrets that can help you to easily play music.
So what are the secrets? Here they are

First Secret

"Start Slowly"

All professional musicians that can play their music in full speed share the same secret.
The reason why it can play so quickly is because of the talent inherited, but because they practice gradually from day to day.
But that is not their secret to play fast.
The secret is the music play faster "Start slowly".
All the great musician will give you the same advice if you want to play fast which is "start slowly".
To play the music with ease, you have to learn how to play slowly and gradually increase the speed.
You will need a metronome to help you get the exact speed.
You must bring your hand without remembering the music, d brain.
Because the one that play the music is not your brain but your hand.
You will understand this sentence, if the feeling of the music.
You even can play without thinking when your hand has memorized the song.
Do not you think? Then try.

Second Secret

"Practice every day"

Being a great musician needs a lot of time and effort.
For this reason it is necessary to practice music every day.
Here is the secret how to practice everyday.
First, the search for a better time to play music.
Is it in the morning, afternoon, or evening? Next, set your timer, how long you plan to play music is up to you.
After time has elapsed, stop your practice and leave the next day.
The purpose to do this activity is to set a new behavior in your subconscious mind.
It is difficult to explain how the subconscious mind controls your awareness.
But the point is, you must make the practice become your daily activity.
As soon as you can throughout the day, gradually begins the time.
And soon, you can practice music everyday like you eat everyday.
Last Secret \"Know Your reason to play the last secret that I can say is to know your reason to play music.
You must know for what you want to play music.
Is it just a hobby, for future work? You must specify your goal, to play music.
Because if you do know your reason to play you will suffer a condition of bored and you will stop playing music when you lost your desire.
Therefore you need to know the reason for the game.
Do not let other set the reason for you to play, because you will hurt yourself.

To check out more information

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